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Diane Dike
cryoglobulinemia vasculitis



Our volunteer team meets regularly to discuss ways to improve our outreach efforts and keep our Facebook groups/teams/members connected. We take your thoughts seriously and make improvements/changes/new policies whenever issues, ideas or concerns are shared. We are an incorporated nonprofit organization. We do not have a membership fee, just a suggested donation. Volunteers offer their gifts and talents to help us reach our goals with as little costs as possible. Donations help to cover website fees, logo designs, writing, publishing, newsletters, printing, gifts of appreciation, Love Kits to those in need, webinars and online events, and other costs.

We juggle much with our extensive outreach efforts through CVO, SCwSG, shipping Love Kits, working with volunteers all over the world, speaking, singing, book signing events, SCwSG/CVO radio program, helping our local food pantry/church and running our certified foster/adoption home. THANK YOU for your consistent help, support, friendship, trust and love. My humble life goal, born out of brokenness and a desire to please my Lord Jesus Christ is to help and love as many people and animals as I can... it's all I live for.

We had our first CVO gathering in Colorado at SCwSG/CVO headquarters in May 2011. Rochelle Ray, co-founder of CVO, and her family stopped in for a long weekend of good food, fun and fellowship. Our team enjoys yearly retreats to gather for more of the same. I treasure your thoughts, posts and stories. So let's stay connected and work together to help people and animals, and be sure you visit all our web pages to get the info you need.
We appreciate your feedback.



It's a dream come true because when I was diagnosed 25+ years ago, there was nothing and no one to turn to. I don't want anyone to ever be in that lonely, confusing and scarey place. I hope you enjoy watching the Mystery Diagnosis TV show that aired a part of our cryoglobulinemia story. They did a great job explaining it. We think it will help patients, medical professionals, family and friends get a better idea of what cryoglobulinemia is.

When you've been through horrific suffering, it really keeps what's truly important in focus; with no energy or time for anything else so we make every moment count and treasure every kindness! CVO's best days are just ahead. Let's stick together because we are better together.

Thank you.

Stay Warm, Strong and Courageous,

President/Founder SCwSG/CVO

Diane Dike cryoglobulinemia vasculitis


CVO is a wealth of information and good people. ​CVO offers free support, educational information, encouragement, personal experiences/stories and ideas on how to overcome common challenges of living with cryoglobulinemia. Material offered is not to be construed as medical or legal advice. CVO is not endorsing or promoting the content of other websites, by listing their links. ​​If you have the time to join the CVO volunteer team or help us financially we welcome and appreciate the much needed help.​

Welcome to our cryo website! We strive for excellence in supporting and helping you! We are a team of volunteers made up of caretakers, friends, family and patients... people caring for people and animals. We are here to help you and your family cope with this painful and challenging disease. CVO is an outreach of Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc. SCwSG is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, encourage, enrich and help hurting people and animals. CVO was established to unite patients and the medical community in managing and drawing attention to cryoglobulinemia, a rare, painful and sometimes deadly blood disease. 

CVO's goal is to create a strong and courageous voice to educate, enrich and encourage patients, and to champion advocacy programs regarding the care, treatment, research, diagnosis, AND the use of service dogs for those suffering from cryoglobulinemia and associated conditions.

Welcome to the Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Organization!

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