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Join our CVO family

Diane Dike
Diane Dike

Membership in the Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Organization means that you are committed to the Cryoglobulinemia community – to supporting, learning from, and encouraging others. With your help, we will keep the website vital and current with the latest information, research, and advocacy opportunities. We thank you for making the commitment to raising awareness about cryoglobulinemia and the CVO team.



For a suggested donation of $39.99 (for a lifetime membership), you will help us continue to cover costs to raise awareness through this website and receive these important benefits:

    * A Cuddle Buddy (12.99 value)

All natural heating or cold buddy is sure to bring relief to your aching body. 
Hot and cold therapy (microwave or freeze)
Use for aches and pains
Use anywhere on your body
Help improve circulation - Cuddle Buddy ready to go everywhere

Choose 1 large, 2 small 

    * A subscription to the CVO newsletter
    * Full access to the CVO website, its brochures, videos and their use for fundraising or advocacy events
    * Information packets or links for your friends, family, caretakers and the medical community
    * Access to the CVO all volunteer staff through email and our office number
    * Free help creating a support group/chapter in your area and

    * Link to our Facebook support group
    * Free invites and members discounts to CVO events, products and International Webinars and other gatherings. 

    * Weekly events you can attend right from your bed. If you are home-bound in the winter, ill or depressed, we  

       have HOPE for you. You are not alone. We can come to you via our internet programs and gatherings.


Join today to connect, begin receiving the newest information and to become part of the CVO awareness movement!  Please go to our store page and donate today. Be sure to include contact information and t-shirt size.


No problem. If you cannot afford a donation but would still like to join our CVO family and enjoy the benefits, please contact us. Everyone is welcome no matter what. By joining CVO you will be joining with others who understand what it feels like to have an “invisible illness” or love someone who does. There are many in the group waiting to welcome you and offer you hope, courage and friendship. Join our free Facebook support group.

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